by Judi Ann Mason

Directed by Kevin O. Mack


Show Dates: Mar. 11 - 27m 2022

Audition: Jan. 16 - 17, 2022 @7pm (Cast Size: 5f - African American)

Rehearsal: Jan. 24 - Mar. 10, 2022


MAUMAU - mid-to late 60’s – unquestioned matriarch of the family
AMANITA - late 40’s – early 50’s – Mau Mau’s daughter – loyal/fearful of mother
MANEDA - late 20’s – early 30’s – Mau Mau’s oldest granddaughter – mourning the loss of husband and sons
ORALIA - early 20’s – Mau Mau’s youngest granddaughter – college student, newly engaged

GAIL - early 20’s - Aminita’s best friend

Love can be complicated. This is a Southern Louisiana-set story about a mock curse that a Creole grandmother has passed down from generation to generation to protect the family's women from abuse. The women battle over tradition versus modern times.