May 3 - June 1, 2020

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Kathy Byrne 


The Nature of the Beast

by Chris McKerracher


Directed by Kathy Byrne

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic cancelled a host of valuable community projects such as the Gainesville Celebrate Women 2020. Actors’ Warehouse eagerly accepted their invitation to produce two influential productions “Ann” and “The Revolutionists” but alas, these productions were also cancelled. This minor hiccup will not deter us. Our production of The Nature of the Beast is Actors’ Warehouse’s commitment to providing a platform for the female voice to be heard and to celebrate women in 2020.


In this one-act caricature play, The Nature of the Beast is set in a doctor’s office waiting room where four women share their personal stories and each other’s private stories (when the others are not in the room).


To address some visceral responses towards the script from fellow artists, Actors’ Warehouse conducted a discussion panel. The actors and director along with Dr. Trysh Travis (University of Florida Associate Professor of Gender, Sexualities & Women’s Studies) take part in an insightful dialogue. The panel confronts the male narrative of how women might be portrayed in literature and film, and they explore the historical, economic and health factors that lend to how some women might communicate.

Presented in support of The Gainesville Celebrate Women 2020

Claudia Senesac
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Mandy Fugate
Lisa Varvel

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