The Actors’ Warehouse is a community-based theatre founded in 2011 and incorporated 2014 as a 501(c)(3). We are an enterprising project generated from and by this community. It was born out of a need to increase theatrical diversity in casting and programming for the Gainesville community.


We are humble and intimate with a heartfelt aim:  To create and recreate a safe space where we can share stories of the human experience, using the art of performance.  In this space, we give of ourselves, sometimes as performers at other times as receptive audience members.  We believe this exchange has the power to expand our individual compassion and capacity to connect as a community, ultimately forwarding social justice and public health, inclusive of mind and body.


Amid our current political and racial climate, for many it is a dispiriting experience with an unsettling, if not frightening, outcome, leaving many of us feeling unsafe.  In a way, this may be the most poignant time for our community to come together and reflect on experiences. Regardless of political persuasion, the Actors’ Warehouse is a space for us to connect, to receive the gifts these stories are, and reflect to fathom the unfathomable.


Our Mission

Actors' Warehouse entertains, inspires and fosters critical thinking

through the performing arts while bringing diversity programming,

social justice and public health to the forefront.



Our Board of Directors

Diana Friou - President

Robert Sturmer - Treasurer

Cristina Palacio - Legal Consultant


Executive/Artistic Director

Steven H. Butler's theatre background as an actor/singer/dancer expands 35 years. Formally a professional performer, he came into an artistic awareness and desire to fill a void and provide opportunity for others in the Gainesville, Florida theatre community. From this, Actors’ Warehouse, Inc. was born. Mr. Butler is a Founding-Member, Executive and Artistic Director for Actors’ Warehouse. 

Part of his philosophy is that a community theatre is not only supported by the community but it should also serve the community.

He has been able to create various grant funded programs that have linked informative theatrical productions to engaging community conversations, utilizing the talent and expertise of University of Florida academics and Gainesville community leaders. It is due to these efforts that Actors’ Warehouse was awarded the 2017 Business Arts Award. This award is given to arts organizations that have significantly contributed to the Gainesville community.


Steven considers himself a life-student with a passion to learn, grow and share. He is dedicated to exploring the true sense of diversity and how humanity benefits. As the Artistic Director at Actors' Warehouse, Steven strives to create an open and accepting artistic environment where artist of varying degrees of experience are encouraged to hone their craft. "No matter where I go as a director, I'm dedicated to creating a work culture of diversity, entertainment, and thought provoking theatre."

His personal mission statement is: Provide engaging art for all, that will allow them to have that "aha moment".