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Anti-Racism Resources

The racial unrest in our country has been in existence for centuries. Considering the recent social awareness surrounding racism in America, individuals are examining their own conscious and subconscious biases and organizations are examining their practices and work culture.

So many organizations have or have not chosen to make a public statement and for those that have, they firmly declare what they stand against. However, Actors’ Warehouse believes it is just as important and responsible to declare what to stand for and reveal the measures to be taken to support such a statement.

Part of AW’s existing Anti-Harassment & Non-Discrimination policy states AW is committed to providing an environment free from harassment and discrimination and where all individuals participating in its activities, including board members, sponsors, artists, volunteers, and audience members, are treated with respect and dignity.

With that statement, coupled with our mission statement: Actors' Warehouse entertains, inspires and fosters critical thinking through the performing arts while bringing diversity programming, social justice and public health to the forefront; here’s what we’re doing to continue making a difference.


AW has carved a place in our community as a theatre company not afraid to address issues of racism and staying in alignment with our mission concerning social justice, we have created a resource page on our website. This “living” page contains links to informative sites with articles, books and much more to aid our AW friends in their personal conscious evolution.

We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to providing resources and information to help build a better tomorrow.

Steven H. Butler

Executive/Artistic Director

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Documents compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020

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