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Steal Away

by Ramona King

Directed by L'Tany Van Hamersveld 

Rehearsal: Oct. 16 - Nov. 25, 2017

Run: Dec. 1 - 17, 2017


Tracyada Kyzer - Black female 20's 

(All other roles are older; however, make-up can be used to age the actors)

Mrs. Stella Margaret Kyzer - Black female (Tracyada's grandmother)

Miss. Sudy Atkinson

Mrs. Renita Ruth

Mrs. Jade Long

Mrs. Bluiah Daniels 

A Folktale, set in Chicago during the Depression, this farce is the story of 5 upstanding church ladies who raise funds to send young Black women to college by holding bake sales and the like. Their latest beneficiary, Tracyada, has more ambitious ideas. She wants them all to rob a bank! Of course, the ladies are reluctant to do anything that drastic; but when they are turned down at the bank for a loan to send another young woman to college because the White bank manager doesn't think "colored girls" need an education, the ladies decide to join in Tracyada's scheme. Incredibly enough, they manage to pull off the robbery; and, they escape scot-free as the news comes over the radio that the police suspect the Dillinger gang!

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