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THE LINE (Live Stage World Premiere)

by Jessica Blank & Erik Jensen

Directed by Jan Cohen


Show Dates: Jun. 3 - 12, 2022

Audition: Apr. 11 - 12, 2022 @ 7pm

Rehearsal: Apr. 25 - Jun. 2, 2022


Black Female 

Black Male (Caribbean Descent) 

East Asian Male 

White Male (European Descent)

White Female (European Descent)

2 Men (Latin Descent)

THE LINE is a new play by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen created in the award-winning documentary style that brought you The Exonerated, Aftermath, and Coal Country. Crafted from firsthand interviews with New York City medical first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic, THE LINE cuts through the media and political noise to reveal the lived experiences of frontline medical workers in New York and their battle to save lives in a system built to serve the bottom line.

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