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Under A Liar's Moon (A Dark Comedy)

by Jane Edwards

Directed by Kathy Byrne

Show Runs: April 11 - 20, 2019

Auditions: Feb. 9 (1pm) & Feb. 10 (7pm), 2019

Rehearsals: February 25 - April 11, 2019


Willy, old/young enough to have a 7 y/o child

Lily, old/young enough t have a 7 y/o child

Rhetta, old enough to have adult children

Mimi, daughter of Willy & Lily

Grampa, Lily's grandfather who believes he's an alien

A blizzard is blowing "Under a Liar's Moon," and charming Willy has cabin fever. His pregnant wife, their daughter who’s interested only in make-up, their Grandpa who thinks he’s an alien, and their marooned neighbor become victims of Willy’s boredom. As soon as the blizzard passes, Willy plans to abandon his family, and because he finally tells the truth he believes his actions are justified. Then he learns the truth. 

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